A Gamelan Manual

A Gamelan Manual is the first comprehensive description of the performance practice of the central Javanese gamelan

Aimed mainly at the many gamelan players in the West, the book will also appeal to composers and music-lovers wanting an extended account of one of the world’s major musical cultures, and to teachers interested in new resources for music in schools.

The book provides detailed information on the parts played by the various instruments of the gamelan, as well as on the principles on which the music is based. It also sketches the cultural background to musical performance in Java.

Numerous illustrations and helpful tips for beginners are included, but also pointers to where more advanced students can find additional material.

  • 336 large-format pages (213 × 225 mm, landscape format)
  • Extensively illustrated with line drawings, photographs and tables
  • Numerous music examples
  • Three maps
  • … and a few surprises
  • Acid-free paper and thread-sewn paperback binding for longevity

Owners of the book have access to further content via the resource page:

  • 24 pages of appendices on specialised topics
  • longer versions of tables in the book
  • exercises related to the book
  • errata list

More information

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A Gamelan Manual:
a player’s guide to the
central Javanese gamelan

Richard Pickvance

ISBN 0-9550295-0-3

‘An immensely valuable resource for any serious student of Javanese gamelan, packed with useful information and challenging ideas’

Alec Roth


Published by Jaman Mas Books, 32 Boyne Road, London SE13 5AW, UK

020 8318 2698/+44 20 8318 2698

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